New Semester, New Comet Staff

8:15 A.M. It’s the first day of second semester, and I walk into Ms. Caturano’s classroom just like every other day. However, there are 15 people that are usually not there: the new Comet staff.

Ms. Caturano:

Faculty Advisor

“My hope for this semester is that my students will grow as writers and critical thinkers. I hope that this class will inspire my students to have a healthy skepticism of the world so that they ask good questions and strive for change. The school newspaper has grown a lot over the last two years and I have learned so much about running the paper as well. I look forward to the continued growth. I also hope that our readership continues to grow.”

Cameron Cordaway:

Co-Editor in Chief & Co-Feature Editor

“I would like to see The Comet become more involved in the school community by having more of a presence in athletic events, school events, and community events.”

Brianna Butler:

Co-Editor in Chief & Co-Feature Editor

“I just want all of the staff writers to leave this semester feeling accomplished that their work is out in public and proud of all of their articles.”

The returning editors are ready to continue our journey and put out the next publication, but first we must teach the new staff the ins and outs of journalism. Strangely, it’s hard to imagine not knowing how to write a proper newspaper article considering we were in the same place at the beginning of the school year.

Miranda Morman:

News Editor

“I hope that we can publish more engaging articles for the readers and grow our audience.”

Michelle Allderige:

Editorials Editor

“I want to become a better editor.”

Michael O’Connor:

Sports Editor

“I am looking forward to growing with the rest of the new members and helping them experience what I experienced last semester.”

Isabella Monico:

Website Editor

“I would like to see more students get involved and for our website and articles to have more publicity.”

Pablo Gonzalez:

Photo Editor

“I want to challenge myself and set more goals for myself.”

The editors have become the teachers and are planning and giving lessons to the new staff. The atmosphere is welcoming and encouraging as students are learning and getting advice from their peers.

Kellianne Deko:

“I want to have articles published and bring awareness to The Comet.”

David Amatruda:

“I want to become a good writer.”

Riya Patel:

“My hopes are to learn how to write various articles and make awareness about things in the school and in our community that changed or needs changing.”

Stephanie Gentile:

“I want to be able to write a groundbreaking article and be a better and more efficient writer.”

Nicholas Giglietti:

“I want to accomplish being a good writer for the newspaper.”

All the information is given, article topics are chosen, and it’s time for the editors to send the new staff out of the nest and see if they can fly. The classroom is filled with a bustling of questions being asked, interviews being conducted, and articles being written. Editors not only partake in the craziness of writing their own story, but the ultimate task of guiding the staff in the right direction and offering advice.

Andreina Magana:

“I hope I will be able to make an impact on my community.”

Nayelli Garcia

“My hopes are to become a better writer and become less shy by going out of my way to interview people.”

Christine Jaramillo:

“I hope to improve my writing.”

Victoria Meeker:

“I hope to learn more about the news writing process and to push myself outside of my comfort zone.”

David Preneta:

“I hope to show people certain problems in our school and try to get the problems fixed.”

Both the returning editors and the new members have been preparing and working hard to continue to bring The Comet readers quality content. After having a successful first semester, the staff hopes to improve further and finish off the year strong!

Alfonzie Brooks:

“My hopes are being able to learn how to write different styles of articles.”

Diana Barrera:

“I want to know more about how to write a good ‘LEDE.’”

Britany Correa:

“My hopes are to learn how to properly write articles.”

Gabriel Pistone:

“I hope to become a better writer.”

Alannah Doheny:

“I want to learn how to become a good journalist.”

Come see the craziness for yourself. Just peek into our classroom or even join us as a guest writer. It's hard work, but it’s very exciting and rewarding. In the meantime, simply read the articles that grab your attention. Much effort has been put in from the staff, editors, and advisor combined to bring you the quality content you deserve. Have fun reading!