Gallery 35 @ EHHS

The East Haven community had a great kick off to the opening day of Gallery 35 in the EHHS auditorium on February 6th. The first student to share her exhibit is Christina Fowler, a series of graffiti pictures titled “Forbidden Beauty,” from February 6th through the 14th. Christina shares, “I called it Forbidden Beauty because a lot of these graffiti artwork are found in mainly abandoned places that are not open to public.” Christina has a passion for her pictures, which were taken in Milford, CT. She said, “These pictures speak to me by showing me how often things can change and in a beautiful way. Everytime I go there, there is always something new spray painted on the walls.” Going into this event, there was a lot of preparation to do before showing off the artwork. Mrs. Tiffany Choi and Mr. Matthew Stevens, two EHHS Art and Photography teachers, helped Christina and many other students with their exhibit.

The Art Gallery started two years ago when Mr. Stevens started and created the idea. Mr. Stevens said, “The gallery gives students a place to express themselves and be a part of making East Haven the special place that it is. We have so many talented students and it is wonderful and exciting to see them take on such a big project like a solo art show.” Gallery 35 gives students with a passion and talent a place to show it off to other EHHS students, administration, and any people who would like to view their artwork. There are many students who join Gallery 35; this year we have five students, Christina Fowler, Pablo Gonzalez, Amanda Pascale, Alaiana Roberts, and Ambar Gomez, who each would like to show off their talents to the community.

Another advisor of Gallery 35 is Mrs. Choi, who was also a big help to the five students. Mrs. Choi loves the idea behind Gallery 35. She said, “We are all privileged to have the gallery space because most highschool do not have space to show student after work, I like the fact that it is not regular bulletin board but its a professional artist space.” Many students like to look at all the different art work that their fellow EHHS students work very hard at. The next four students will be presenting their artwork also in the front of the EHHS auditorium. Please come check out their work! If you have any questions please contact Mr. Stevens at or Mrs. Choi at