A Positive “Encourage Mint” from an Anonymous Artist to Brighten Your Day

When walking around the EHHS halls, you may come across an adorable cactus saying, “I’m stuck on you,” or a cat astronaut saying you’re “bright and beautiful.” These posters were made to brighten the days of students and teachers.

With Valentine’s Day last week, the tenth grade artist and her friends came up with the idea to bring some light to those who didn’t have someone to celebrate it with. The artist said, “My friends usually get really sad, especially during Valentine’s Day since it brings everyone who doesn’t have a partner into a really sad depressive mood. Most of my friends are kind of like that so I would usually look around the internet and try to find supportive memes, and I would send them that. They would appreciate it, but since it was coming from me and they know that I’m always supportive, they were always like ‘oh yeah sure.’”

This artist’s goal was to make everyone feel loved, even though they do not know who is loving them. This random act of kindness started with a random note given to a student in the halls: “I was in biology class and I started making a little sign. I just started doing swirls with everything then I just put ‘I love you, even though I don’t know you. Have a great day,’ and then I handed it to a random person in the hallway.” Trying to make one person’s day suddenly turned into trying to make everyone’s day as they walk from class to class.

“I had a couple friends help me find quotes, but usually I just kind of think of whatever I can. I like complimenting people; I like making people smile and usually when I was making my posters I was thinking about my friends. [...] I made one poster where it says, ‘your smile is warm enough so I don’t need a jacket,’ which reminded me of one of my friends who is always smiling and I don’t know, I just took the little things from my friends, like different features and made it into one thing,” the artist said. Soon, she placed multiple posters around the school, so you wouldn’t walk anywhere without knowing that someone loves and cares.

The biggest impact that comes out of this is knowing how big the artist’s heart is. As only a sophomore, she truly understands how important it is to be positive and how making one person having a bad day smile can really lift someone up even if people may not agree. The artist shared, “There's always something negative people are going to say like ‘they are just doing it for attention’ or ‘they are just a weirdo.’ I don’t want people to think that I’m doing this for my own personal benefit; it’s for theirs.”

The artist shares that she is fine with being known: “I actually don’t mind it at all, I just don’t want my name to dull the impact.”

This artist is truly an inspiration to those amongst EHHS. Even though she isn’t known, she wants you know know that she loves you.