Classroom Size and Learning Ability

In the classes here at EHHS, there can be up to thirty to thirty-five students. Most teachers have classrooms that can just hold enough students. There are around 900 students in the school who have to be divided into classrooms every period. The size of a class can affect students’ ability to learn. These students are in Mrs. Cannavaro’s classes such as, Civil Law and Criminal Law.

Since so many people love Mrs. Cannavaro’s class, so many students are eager to take it so the room is always so full. In addition to teaching those classes, she also teaches U.S History. Mrs. Cannavaro said, “Absolutely the class size affects the attention you can give the individual student. But it is a positive thing in certain classes such as criminal and civil law classes.” In the classroom, Mrs. Cannavaro does a lot of group work as a class which gives them an opportunity to work together. Mrs. Cannavaro also mentioned, “My classroom is setup to encourage conversation with the type of class I am teaching.” For example, her classroom is set up for mock trials, debates, and to give her students a chance to talk with each other.

Mrs. Cannavaro’s classroom

Photo credits: Alexa Tate

Mrs. Marsico teaches Spanish I and Spanish II. Her classroom is set up in rows to encourage the students to look at the board and be able to ask each other questions about the work. Mrs. Marsico stated, “Smaller classroom sizes of students allow for more individualized attention and easier differentiation. I do a good amount of writing in my courses, so when I have a class with thirty-one students, it is very difficult to conference with them in regards to their writing strengths and weaknesses.” Mrs. Marsico also states that it is difficult to work with a big group although it leads them to grow and work independent. She also stated “As for overall location size, the actual square footage does not affect my ability to teach. A small room with a lot of kids can create a tense environment, though. So far, I have been blessed with a nice size room at EHHS.” In her classroom, her desks are set up in straight rows as a way to have conversations with the students. In a class with such a large size, it can be very difficult for the students to have a productive learning space.

Many teachers have their room set up to engage student conversation. It is also another way for the teachers to have one-on-one time with their students. The teachers also like to give the students a way of communicating between themselves about the work. Teachers also want to give their students a way of doing group work. It can be a very positive way for the students the way the classroom is set up and it gives the students a confident learning space.