Walking into the New Year

Many people walk into the new year thinking “new year new me,” but do they always stick to it? New Years is the day which the calendar restarts and the year increases by one. The first country to bring in the new year is Samoa, located between Hawaii and New Zealand. In the United States to ring in the New Year we have several annual television broadcasts that take place around the country. One of the most famous broadcasts is in New York City where “the ball” drops called Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve.

Many people gather for the new year with family and friends. To celebrate, people eat, dance, drink alcohol, and some also watch or light fireworks. Becca DeMatteo says, ¨I originally planned to play Monopoly and not do homework but I did the exact opposite since no one felt like playing.” New Year Traditions are designed to bring luck into the new year. Brianna Green says, ¨For the New Year I usually just hang out at home but this year I went to a friends house and celebrated.” It is common for people to honor a tradition, host a party, go to a party, or attend a official event.

Forty-five percent of people in America make News Years resolutions which isn't even half of the world. Mikayla Raffone says, ¨I don't have a new years resolution because I never stick [to it].” According to, “10 Interesting Facts About New Year's Resolutions,” 38% of people are said to never make a resolution, maybe it's because they know that they won't stick to it.

New Year's resolutions are something that many people have walking into the new year, whether they stick to them or not is a different story. Becca DeMatteo mentioned, ¨I have two main New Year's resolutions. The first is to write more and the other is to improve on speaking/ understanding Ukrainian.” A resolution is something that one wants to break and start new. It is very common for people to talk about their resolutions to be something that involves losing weight or getting fit. Brianna Green says, ¨My New Year's resolution is to not be fat.” Research shows that 37/45 percent of people who make resolutions make them about getting fit and eating healthier. Zac Gnyp says, ¨I need to be more active because I'm lazy and need to start taking better care of my body and my health.”

What was your News Years resolution and will you stick to it?