SENIORS VS. JUNIORS: Powderpuff 2018

In the annual EHHS Powderpuff game on November 20, 2018, the senior class beat the junior class with a score of 36-6. Powderpuff is a game of female flag football. Here at EHHS, the senior girls face off against the junior girls for one night under the lights. The coaches for the juniors are Mr. Belevich and Ms. Williams, and the

coaches for the seniors are Mr. Rivellini and Mr. Tolla.

Mr. Tolla commented, “I think it's an amazing experience for the girls. Parents and families support it very well; the girls have not experienced anything like this.” Powderpuff builds a strong bond between all of the girls and shows them how to work together as a team. Mr. Rivellini said, “I can tell it was one of the best experiences they have had in high school. Alumni always bring up powderpuff as one of their favorite memories from high school.”

A great player during the game was Ali Szewc, who scored three touchdowns. “It felt amazing” she said.

The game was very exciting and all the girl felt empowered and driven under the stadium lights. Therefore, this year’s powderpuff game was fantastic, good luck to the juniors and seniors next year!