I Went Black Friday Shopping and This is What Happened

The craziness of Black Friday is for sure overhyped, but it is worth the sales. This designated day that everyone looks forward to was not as bad as it has been made out to be. Before I went out shopping, everyone warned me about the chaos even though kept to themselves and didn’t seem to care about others. When thinking about Black Friday shopping, I immediately picture people who fight everyone for something they obsess over buying. On the news you hear about all the crazy injuries that happen. For example, this year there was a death count of 12 people and a injury count of 112. To me, this seems absurd.

The sales this year were very good. The sales are quite beneficial for stores to get more people to come out and buy more products. One Black Friday shopper said, “Black Friday never disappoints, most years there's 50% in almost every store!” Many other shoppers agreed. While shopping it was very noticeable in stores that there were some great sales to promote their business. At Clinton Crossings there were stores that were 50-75% off. Many of those stores were ones that a lot of people don’t go to anymore. The sales bring in more people to stores because they’re getting the clothes but saving so much more money.

When picturing Black Friday, I would think stores would be organized and make lines for people to stay in to prevent chaos. But while shopping there was only one store that had it out of Clinton Crossing and The Milford Mall, and it was Nike in Clinton.In the store, There were people everywhere. The shoe section was impossible to walk in without having to squeeze through everyone. After trying to find your way to the registers after shopping, the line was at least a 30 minute wait. Since each storefront was small, it seemed like people piled on top of each other; however, they were all just patiently waiting.

Parking wasn’t that much of a hassle at night at the mall. Luckily it was easy to find a parking spot at Clinton Crossings in the morning but if I never saw it it would’ve probably been very hard finding one. The parking lot was flooded with cars. People who were crossing the street were making all the drivers even more eager to just shop. At night in Milford it was very easy to just drive right up near Dicks Sporting Goods and park easily passing by others bringing all their goodies to their car.

I would for sure go Black Friday shopping again but I wouldn’t stress over getting ran over or freaking out about being trampled over by angry shoppers.