Join Our EHHS Student Improvement Team!

EHHS students will be starting up a Student School Improvement Team.The Student School Improvement Team hopes to have as many students join as possible to connect and change our school community. EHHS has a School Improvement Team made up of just teachers, so the plan is that both teams will work side by side together to get both points of view on issues to help our school environment.

Mrs. Harkins is a part of The School Improvement Team. She states, “We would like to see a Student School Improvement Team. This type of forum would allow students to have a voice in our school which is an important part of any SIT.” Knowing students will be allowed to think of things that they would like to change or improve in our school is a great thing.. “We would like to see our students take more of a leadership role and become more involved in our school community while helping create an atmosphere that is even more positive and respect” Harkins said. EHHS would like students to join us if they are interested in our next meeting to voice their opinions. EHHS does ask students to be respectful of everyone's opinions and responsible.

In the Student School Improvement Team, we have already discussed activities and events we are hoping that will take place in our 2018-2019 school year at EHHS. Being in the SIT gives us the ability to share students’ views on things and what we would like to see happen in our school environment. If we are able to get as many students to join as possible, we will get different point of views and opinions to share with our Teacher School Improvement Team. Many of our teachers and administrators think that a Student School Improvement Team will be a great thing in our school community to get everyone involved and have a voice. If you would like to join our Student School Improvement Team please contact Mrs. Veleas at or Isabella Monico at We would love for you to join us and change our EHHS community.