Support the EHHS Arts!

The EHHS Art Department is full of dedicated teachers and hardworking students. The program contains a variety of different types of art classes. Since all students that go to EHHS are required to fulfill one full art credit, it is important to offer various types of classes for all types of people.

Some classes provided at EHHS are Art Foundation I and II, which are drawing and painting based classes that all focus on the basic elements of art. As a starting point for any beginning artist, they teach students how to improve their art skills. Ceramics I and II are both classes focused on the use of clay to make handmade ceramic works. Students make their own ceramic projects which they can personalize with their own interests. There is also an Art Capstone Experience which is meant for students who are very passionate about art so they can do a huge project they enjoy to finish up high school with.

Matthew Stevens who teaches digital media, art foundation, and capstone classes here at EHHS says, “For students that want even more [than the art classes provided] we offer independent studies that allow students to explore more advanced aspects of art or get an art portfolio ready for college. Students really respond positively to having that amount of choice available.” He is very supportive of his student’s work and always builds them up so they are more confident in their pieces.

Alana Glenn, a senior here at EHHS that takes Stevens’s independent studies class says this about the class, “The one thing I like most about the class is the independence. We’re able to bounce ideas off each other and then just go to work.”

Some classes for more tech-savvy students are Digital Image Design I and II. These are classes that focus on to use of the programs Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop to complete graphic art design. Along with Introduction to Digital Photography, which uses only Adobe Photoshop and is for students interested in camerawork such as shooting, and other related skills like photo editing.

A class that is focused on students with an interest for fashion is Introduction to Fashion, which was recently added to the school’s curriculum. Some topics focused on in this class are the new trends in the fashion world and the history of fashion.

Tiffany Choi teaches the photography and fashion classes this year. She is very kind and many students say she is their favorite teacher because of how kind-hearted she is. Choi says, “As some of you may already know, last year was my first year at EHHS and I am loving every part of the art department I'm in. I believe the art teachers at EHHS try hard to create new courses every year so that the students take full advantage of the skills teachers have. The teachers are fortunate to have passionate learners, as the students are fortunate to have energetic teachers!” She is aware of how important it is to provide classes that the students will enjoy to take and love every moment of.

The Art Department was recently given much-needed funding. They got a brand new slab roller for the ceramics classes, which is a great tool in order to flatten clay easier instead of manually rolling it out. They also purchased a pug mill, which is a machine that allows the reuse of clay by melting it back together so none is wasted. They also got supplies for the new class added this year, Introduction to Fashion. This class is a huge hit with students, so they hope to get more supplies related to that class for the next school year.

Sarah Bennett is a junior at EHHS that takes Ceramics I says this about the class, “I take higher level classes so it’s definitely really nice to have a time where I can just talk to people and create things. It’s a good atmosphere and usually a low-stress environment and I think that benefits a lot of people.”

Sara Cooper teaches Ceramic and Art Foundation classes here at EHHS. She says, “Good funding is important because all students need a full art credit, so this way students can make the art they are passionate about.” She understands how important the art program is at school, especially because of how much she loves all things involving art. She is very hard-working, especially when it comes to her own art projects and is more than willing to help any struggling student get their point across in their work.

The art media classes have also received a state of the art printer so that Digital Media students can print their work out to take home, or just to present their work around the school! The media classroom also has a great set of Apple computers for students to do their work on, along with the Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator programs to work with.

Overall, everybody involved in the art program really enjoys every aspect of it, viewing it as a supportive and fulfilling program.