Flu Shot: A lifesaver or a lifetaker?

The flu a very common virus during this time of the year is spreading quickly from one to another. Some people think that getting the flu shot is detrimental to one's health, while others say it can save lives. I think that getting the flu shot is a necessary vaccine that can affect one's health in a positive way because it prevents flu symptoms. The flu, also known as influenza, is a very common virus that spreads very easily. Many people are in the midst of deciding whether they should receive the flu vaccination.

I interviewed Mary Lamberti the nurse practitioner at the EHHS health clinic and she gave her opinion on the flu shot and also provided some information for one to know. Lamberti says, “It is the most effective tool we have to prevent persons from catching or getting the flu which is a serious illness that can lead to hospitalization and death, or at least missing school for several days and feeling really, really really bad.” Lamberti also says, “The best thing you can do if you get sick from the flu is stay home so the illness isn't spread to others. Take over the counter medicines to reduce fever and help with the muscle and joint pains typically associated with influenza. Cover your cough, dispose of tissues and wash your hands. Drink lots of fluids and get extra rest.”

I talked with some students from EHHS and got there opinions on the flu shot. Some think that the shot is important but still don't get the vaccine, and know the consequences and are willing to face them. Hannah Pellegrino a senior at EHHS says, ¨I think that the flu shot is an important vaccine. It may not always work but without it there is a higher risk of you getting the virus which is very contagious and can be spread to even more people. So overall I believe flu shots should be received by all to further prevent getting the virus although I don't get the shot myself.” Without the shot, one is at higher risk of attracting the virus so getting the shot is necessary to protect yourself. Some get the flu shot because there parents make them not because they want it to protect themselves. Mary Battle a senior at EHHS says, ¨I think the flu shot is just a precaution. My mom makes me get the shot and I have never gotten the flu.¨

Nobody is a fan of getting shots but getting one to protect yourself from a deathly virus is something one should care strongly about getting. Many people don't like the thought of getting the flu shot and don't know how to feel about it because there are so many different things you hear about the vaccine and also the virus. Jackie Forbes a senior at EHHS says, ¨It's not my favorite type of shot. I don't know how I feel about it. I have to get it this year for cna but I never used to get it. I got the shot once before when I was 12 and got the flu right after.¨ The kids that are in the Certified Nurse Assistant class have to get the flu shot so they can work with patients in hospital surroundings, some kids in the class only get it because they have to for the class otherwise they wouldn't. The flu shot is very safe for one's body, at the time of receiving the vaccine there can be room for discomfort and mild symptoms. Gianna Gogliettino a senior at EHHS says, ¨Every year that I get the flu shot I always get a big bruise and it gets painful but this year it was different and didn't get like that. A few days after I got the shot I had a bad stomach ache and my throat hurt for a couple of days but it went away and I was fine. By getting the flu shot you will not receive the flu but only if you were exposed to the flu before getting the vaccine.

People who do not get the flu shot are making a bad decision because vaccines are known to be safe for one's body. Not getting the shot can allow one to get the flu and have many complications. It is strongly encouraged that all people receive the flu vaccine to better their health. Save your life today and get the flu shot at our school's health clinic located to the right outside if the library.