Spoiler Alert: Wreck-It Ralph Breaks More Stuff

After watching Ralph Breaks the Internet, I thought it was absolutely amazing! Throughout the week, the movie was sold out from the day it came out on Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

Disney announced the movie was being produced back in July of 2018. Many fans were very excited for the new movie to see the main characters Ralph and Vanellope inside the internet. A mother seeing the show stated, “My kids and I loved the original Wreck-It Ralph, so seeing the second one wasn’t even a question.” The new movie was about Ralph and Vanellope trying to fix Vanellope’s home, and when Ralph tries to fix things, they usually end up wrecked. While Ralph was in the process of giving Vanellope a new racetrack in her game, the little girl playing the game broke the steering wheel. The owner of the arcade was looking to get a new steering wheel, but found out it was too expensive. Ralph and Vanellope decided to go into the Internet and go to eBay to get the steering wheel for the arcade owner. But while they traveled into the Internet, they ran into a few mini obstacles along the way.

There are many reviews on this movie that were very good. Many people are loving the new movie! The daughter of the mother who was quoted above stated, “I love Ralph and Vanellope they are my favorite.” Ralph and Vanellope are everyone's favorite duo. The movie had great success according to an article by Dirk Libbey. Libbey said, “The Disney sequel brought in $18.5 million on [November 21, 2018], which has resulted in the movie getting its five-day weekend total estimate raised up to $94 million, which would make it the biggest Thanksgiving weekend opening of all time.” It was a very successful movie for the Ralph Breaks The Internet team.

Overall, this Disney movie was definitely one to see! Throughout the movie there were a lot of and surprising things that happen, like the ending. In the end of the movie, Ralph and Vanellope saved the Internet! Vanellope will end up moving to the Internet with her new friends she meets along her journey. All of these elements made the movie a fun and shocking experience that all ages can see!