Spoiler Alert: Review of Bohemian Rhapsody

In what seems to be the year’s hottest movie, Bohemian Rhapsody highlights the fame of late singer Freddie Mercury, along with some history of the band, Queen.

After first seeing the trailer for this movie on social media and learning that Rami Malek played Freddie Mercury, I knew that the role would be in great hands. Malek has played roles like Eliot in the USA Network show Mr. Robot with very good success, so I had very high expectations.

Malek’s representation of the late Freddie Mercury was absolutely stunning. There were times when I would be in awe from Malek’s energy. The other cast members also did their respective characters’ justice by giving them their very own distinctive traits, and not just leaving it up to the makeup team to make them seem different.

Now is the time for those of you who are planning to watch the movie to cover your eyes. The introduction of the movie starts off unlike any other movie. You are not told this, but the opening scene comes back to the ending scene so it will all come together. After this scene, the movie introduces the main character and the real-life conflict Freddie had with his father about his various decisions at a young age. This scene set the motion for how Freddie is seen in the movie by his family. This becomes of the main conflicts that was resolved. Throughout the movie, interactions with his family show his father's disapproval of his decisions. Eventually, this continues up until the legendary “Live Aid” performance where his father finally accepts him for who he is and what he has been able to achieve. The performance at “Live Aid” was truly the icing on the cake. Not only was it the ending scene, but the movie recreated the full twenty minute performance. After seeing a recording of the actual concert from 1985, may I say it was just brilliant. From the outfit, to the stage itself, and even the movements of Freddie himself, it was all spot on.

The music in the movie is the same Queen everyone has heard and loved since 1970. Although I was not alive then, seeing the making of the music and seeing how different it was to music of its time makes me wish I was.

Any movie does not come without its flaws. They did not get down the exact facts in the movie. The director of the movie of course had to appeal to the entertainment side of the movie, but that also takes away from the actual facts. According to the movie, Freddie first met the band in the parking lot of one of the shows’ gigs, which is not what actually happened. Small things like this make you question the credibility of the director's choices. Not only that, but a lot of the story is from what the other band members had to say since they were a part of production.With this in mind, it does not take away from the experience of watching the movie, as well as the joy in this biopic.

There is no question in my mind that Bohemian Rhapsody deserves all the recognition as it’s getting. With the mix of such a great soundtrack and splendid acting, Bohemian Rhapsody is the definition of a movie that deserves film of the year.