New Potential Class: Advanced Personal Fitness

Are you interested in joining a different type of P.E. class? Mr. Rick Narracci and Mr. Anthony Verderame are looking to initiate a new course with mixed activities. This class will incorporate more rigorous activities for EHHS students. “I came up with the course out of the need for more elective courses in the Physical Education Department,” said Mr. Narracci. It will include a lot more interesting things to do than a regular fitness class.

Description of the Class

According to Mr. Narracci, “This course is designed for those students who are serious about working out very hard on a daily basis,” this is if the course runs. This class is recommended for those who really enjoy working out and want to stay fit. So, if you don’t like getting sweaty, this class is not for you.

“A typical class will consist of heavy bag work, pad work, shadow boxing, rope jumping, stationary bikes, and various other fitness components,” says Narracci. So, all these workouts will be included plus more that are unnamed, at the moment. Another activity he plans to incorporate into the class is a Boxing Bootcamp. It will include a combination of traditional boxing skills with a high-intensity cardiovascular workout. Mr. Narracci states that there will even be boxing included, as well as a rigorous workout each class.

Benefits for Students

“Students will benefit by engaging in an activity that will elevate their heart rate, burn fat and having fun while learning a new skill,” says Narracci. Students will have the advantage to really get in a good workout and feel accomplished after leaving class.

What Mr. Narracci likes about the course is that: “It is a deviation from the traditional physical education courses that usually consist of team games and activities.” This class differs from other P.E. classes due to the fact that there is way more to do. It has a consistent wave of diversions to look forward to if you love gym!

“Hopefully, the course will be funded by the traditional school budget but kids will be responsible for their own hand wraps which they may or may not be able to purchase at school,” shares Narracci. Conceivably, this class needs the right funds in order to actually be a course.

Since this course is distinct to other P.E. classes, you might need to bring in the right gear for yourself in order to participate comfortably.

Would you join this class? Tahrhan Pierce says “Yes I would and it’s a better opportunity for self improvement to become mentally and physically stronger and the best version of yourself.” If you want a chance to better yourself and your fitness skills, join this class!