The Juul Temptation: Hazardous or Trendy?

It is a well-known fact that many high school students are vaping, so I asked students at EHHS about them. They know about Juuling and how it affects the school and their bodies. Juul is a rectangular-shaped, battery-powered e-cigarette resembling a flash drive that has taken over schools across the nation. Administration has made it very clear that Juuling is not allowed in EHHS.

I have plenty of friends who Juul and they can’t go anywhere without them in their hand. The majority of these friends also disposed of their Juuls after hearing that they can cause cancers. The hazardous ingredients in the Juul pods have many consequences. “Nicotine binds to an area of the brain known as the adrenal medulla, which increases the flow of adrenaline. This in turn causes increased blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, and these conditions exacerbate existing heart and blood pressure problems” (McCall). Nicotine has a bad effect on anyone who inhales it and as for teens that inhale it they are at even more of a risk. Anytime people introduce new chemicals into their systems, it is guaranteed that they will experience consequences sooner or later. The amount of nicotine in one pod is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. The trend has become so popular, it’s even earned its own verb, which even I have started to use in this article: “Juuling.”

Kelly Wysocki, a senior at EHHS says, “The younger you are when you use it, the harder it will be to stop later on.” She also went on to say how when students Juul, it's in the air and she doesn't want to breath it in and affect her in any way.

When I asked students their opinion of Juuls and their addiction, Christian Cunningham had said, “Yeah it's just like any other bad habit. It's not good for you or your health.”

The FDA heard about how many kids are using Juuls and decided to put a stop to it by getting rid of the flavored pods. “I agree with it, but people want what they can't have and will make people just want it more,” says Kelly Wysocki. The Juul company has responded to the backlash from the FDA for marketing to teens, they are discontinuing certain flavors.

In my opinion, the whole Juul “trend” is a waste of time and money, and a hazard to one’s health. It hasn't lived up to its purpose to help adults stop smoking, if anything it just made teens want to smoke more. The pros of Juuling don't outweigh the cons since the majority of EHHS students say Juuling serves no purpose. The FDA should not just get rid of the flavored pods but the whole Juul all together.