EHHS Alumni Recording Session

Three EHHS alumni, Robert “BJ” Felsted, James Albis, and David Witter, came back to their roots on November 19th and 20th to record various songs for BJ’s new group “Moonshoots” in EHHS’ recording studio.

These men graduated from EHHS in 2001. They were all a part of the marching band and had a band of their own called “The Bad Apples.” Even though BJ was the only one to continue music as a career with his wife Kate, Albis and Whitter still keep music close to their hearts.

Reminiscing on the past, the guys decided to record a few songs like the old times, and they emailed EHHS Media and Audio teacher Jay Miles who let them the EHHS recording studio.

November 19th was the first day of the recording process. Miles’s Audio I class helped set up the recording studio with microphones early in the school day, and as musicians are, only one was on time. They recorded all of the drum parts and most of the keyboard parts this day since Dave, their drummer was not able to attend the following day.

November 20th was all about the vocals. BJ and his wife, who are the writers of all the group’s songs, recorded the vocals since their voices go together very well. Another audio class also had the opportunity to help out and experience what musicians can really do.

The music business is all about patience and waiting, which junior Kaden Lucatino had learned while witnessing the entire process the second day. He had mentioned, “Being a part of the recording experience was an amazing opportunity. It’s not something you’re offered every day, but I learned what it’s like to - in the real world - record. It had its boring parts, but the outcome was great.”

Not only was it an amazing experience for the band members to come back together to record where they first pursued their passion for music, but current EHHS students were able to learn from those who were once in their position and see what they could do in their future.