EHHS Boys Soccer’s Goal to Bounce Back

Photo Credit: Bobbi Severino

After losing a lot of strong players and role models at the end of the 2017 season, the EHHS Boys Soccer Team was in the hands of senior captains Bryce Donovan and Nick Giglietti. The boys ended a “great learning season” as Nick said. Last year, the boys ended their season with a 1-1-14 record. This year was much harder for the boys since they lost players from last year and the coach was on vacation for a majority of the season. Unfortunately, they lost all their games.

However, this never stopped the boys from having fun throughout the season. Captain Nick has been playing soccer for ten years, since he was eight years old. Nick loves the sport and is looking forward to playing for a division three team next year in college. Nick said, “I think this year affected my high school career because senior year I became captain and had leadership towards the younger guys.” Nick hopes that next year the team will learn from this year and make the best out of their season. Nick says, “This season was more of a rebuild season to get ready for years later on.”

Photo Credit: Bobbi Severino

Next year, the team will be in the hands of one of the seniors Alejandro Sanchez. Just like Nick, Alejandro has been playing since he was very young. He says he has been playing since age four, which makes it twelve years of playing the game he enjoys most. Alejandro has started planning goals to make the team very successful next year. He said, “This year has affected me because it showed me what I had to improve on with the team for next season to help the team progress. Progress as a team not only on the field, but outside too.” Both players said they love the team as if they were all one family and being with the boys makes the game all the better. They both say the three coaches, Comesanas, Rapuano, and Garrubba, were very beneficial in helping them but none of the coaches were available for comment at the time of this article. When talking about the head coach Nick stated, “He made me a better person, [he] helped me throughout senior year as a leader on the team.”

Alejandro felt the same way about the coach. He said, “Although we had our tough times, he showed me right from wrong and showed me things I will use later on in life.” The boys soccer team is looking forward to moving on and starting fresh next year. Keep an eye out for the big things the EHHS boys soccer team has in store for their season next fall!