Why EHHS Students Should Care About the SATs

The SATs are a thoroughly dreaded standardized test that all high schools take because of the length and the repetition of it. It measures a students ability to move forward with their education, rather than just their knowledge. They are mostly seen as an admission requirement for colleges, a test that all students must do well on in order to get into a good school, but they are much more than that. Students that are going to work right after high school, or aren’t going to a competitive college feel like they don’t need to take it as seriously as those who are going bigger places, but that isn’t the case at all. SAT scores will always be important for all students, no matter where they will be going with their life. SAT scores will affect a student’s college options. The more competitive a school is, the better they require your score to be. Since the test is built to measure a students ability to move forward and the ability to learn what’s to come, colleges want higher scores.

Higher SAT scores also translate into more financial aid. There are a number of different scholarships that are guaranteed if you score above the 1340 benchmark. For example, Arcadia College in Pennsylvania has a scholarship called The President’s Scholarship which covers full tuition if their SAT score and GPA is high enough. SAT scores are just as important as grades. On the other hand, some schools just wish to see that students have put in the effort to do their best, such as retakes. It is always best for one to retake the SAT as many times as possible because it will ensure the best possible measure of a student’s potential and it shows that a student is putting in a lot of effort to better themselves. When students are first taking the SATs, they are not ready to take a test for four hours. Between test anxieties and not having a good night’s sleep, a students first time taking the SATs will not be a solid representation of their abilities.

Jacquelyn Forbes, EHHS senior says, “I study using Khan Academy, and it brought my score up by 100 points.” She told me further about how she had performed better on the SATs after she would study and prepare herself for it. She taken them a few times because she is well aware of how important taking the SATs as many times as possible is.Kari Collins, an EHHS English teacher who teaches the SAT Prep class says, “I think SAT classes can definitely help students because students can explore different strategies to help them perform to the best of their ability. SAT classes also help students by giving them more exposure to the language used in SAT questions as well as the type of passages that are included. The more time students can spend practicing SAT questions, the better prepared they are on the actual SAT to know exactly what each type of question is looking for.”Even if some students aren’t able to take an SAT prep class, students can use Khan Academy. This website has the ability to use your previous PSAT and SAT scores to see where all your problem areas are and to help you strengthen those weak points. For, example, if a student struggles with a certain type of math equation, Khan Academy will generate several questions within that topic. Ms. Renee Seufert, one of the EHHS guidance counselors, says, “I want to emphasize that for people who don’t think it's important, it is really important to do your best. It will leave a lasting impact on your future.” If an EHHS student sees the SAT as unimportant, they should think about their opinion and take action before it’s too late.