New Parent Teacher Conferences!

EHHS’ School Improvement Team has been working very hard to upgrade the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences and boost parent attendance. It will be held November 15, 2018, starting at 5:30 pm at EHHS with the kick off by our Chamber of Commerce, and many activities for our community to be involved.

The School Improvement Team consists of many teachers from EHHS, including as Mrs. Veleas, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Caturano, Mr. DeNuzzo, Mrs. Goraieb, Mrs. Grabski, Ms. Seufert and Ms. Madonna. The head of the School Improvement Team is Mrs. Lisa Veleas. She is also the English department instructional leader. In a interview Mrs. Veleas discussed the hopes to have the new format of the Parent Teacher Conferences impact the community. “I hope more parents come and become familiar with services and some of the things we offer. We will be having kids sitting outside doors promoting our clubs, captains,

winter and spring sports” says Mrs. Veleas. During the parent-teacher conferences, we will also be holding an art show and marching band performance. Parent Teacher Conferences aren’t the only event The School Improvement Team will be updating this year. It was the first event they wanted to change and make into a community event. Mrs. Veleas feels very strongly about having more parents and students joining us as a community at this event: “Part of the school improvement team is engaged in their learning, academics social, extra critical.” Being able to improve the activities at EHHS.

Mrs. Lisa Gardner is co-chair of the School Improvement Team and she is very excited for this event! Mrs. Gardner says, “I think it will be a great way to showcase what our school has to offer.” Each business will be able to offer different opportunities during the conference times. You may sign up at different tables and be able to talk to people one on one. “I'm looking forward to seeing students getting involved. Parent conferences have always been about just the teacher,” says Gardner. Making it more about the students and not as much about the teachers is very important for our school community. The School Improvement Team wants to create a different feeling at the conferences by bringing the community together and gaining the students' attention. Mrs. Juliet Goraieb, who is the head of capstone and our library at EHHS, plays a vital role as the Board of Director in the Chamber of Commerce. During the planning for this event, Mrs. Goraieb has taken her own time to get together fifteen business to come have tables set up and provide students with business information, internships, community service hours, and many more opportunities. “I believe in what I do… East Haven is a great place to go to school and find the success you need,” says Goraieb. During the conferences, Mrs. Goraieb will be holding a question and answer session in the Library for parents or students about the capstone classes EHHS offers. When asked about the changes to the parent-teacher conferences, principal Mr. Vincent DeNuzzo says, “I think it was time for a change for how we do thing hope to have many parents and family involved as possible; we are always interested how it will turn out.” Parents have many different opportunities to better their children’s education and learn about our new things during this 2018-19 school year. Our new Health Clinic will be available to sign up for services. Tech Services will be providing help with any questions regarding PowerSchool and Chromebooks. Also, many students from different clubs will be participating in this activity to get new and former students involved in our East Haven Community.

Businesses that are attending include:

Batler Law

East Haven Police Dept

East West Productions

Jennifer Higham Photography

East Haven Fire Dept

Chamber of Commerce

Big Prints

Greenway Trail

Hagaman Memorial Library

Bridgeport Sound Tigers

Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 484

Zullo and Jacks

Bob Limoncelli

On behalf of the School Improvement Team and the rest of the school community, we hope to see you there on November 15th at 5:30 for the Chamber of Commerce kick off!