The Haunted Isle 2018 Season

This year’s East Haven Haunted Isle was a success. All ages from around the district go to the transformed Trolley Museum to have a good scare. First, you pay for your ticket and hop on the trolley that takes you down to the trail. You can go with a group, or by yourself if you dare. The Isle is not recommended for small children or elders.

If you get scared easily, but like to scare, you have the opportunity to work there. Need community service? No problem! The Isle offers that as well. This is one easy way to get those 20 hours required in order to graduate. This is definitely fun for most people. So if you would rather scare people for those long hours rather than work at the library or some other community service job, this is your best option. Zachary Vallas, who worked in the clown scene, says “The Haunted Isle was a very fun environment. Getting to be someone (or something) you aren’t on spooky weekends is fun, and sometimes therapeutic.”

This year’s crowd was larger than ever before! Each night had at least a few hundred people walk through. As it got closer to Halloween, that’s when the real crowds started showing up. The Isle had at least a thousand people walk through. That’s a lot of people who want to get scared. Raymond Quinn says that there were, “More scenes and we sold out a couple times with [a] constant [flow] of people walking through.”

In the Isle it is expected that all workers play a part. Zachary said, “I worked at the isle for three years as an actor. I started out as a zombie, and wrapped things up as a clown.” Raymond said, “I was a zombie that jump scared people when they came into the walking dead scene.”

Zachary joined, “In order to get community service hours, but ended up just doing it for fun in the end. I have 50 hours that I forgot to report on. If that doesn’t show my interest, then what does?”

This year was different for the Haunted Isle. Zachary explains, “This year was successful in many ways, but one is popularity of the Isle. It gets more and more people each year and I’d call that a success.” Another worker, Amber Draffan, says that this year was, “More organized.” Talking to scene manager of “Amityville Asylum,” Dylan Brennan, I got an inside look on what it was like to create the essence of that scene. “I spent a lot of my summer up there building, painting, and decorating. He has also been a member for a while. “I played the evil dentist in the scene. I’ve been a member of The Haunted Isle since 2016.”

Dylan encourages all people to join the crew. He says,“People should join because it’s like another family. There everyone treats each other as family. And it’s so much fun scaring people, and being around people who love the same stuff as you.”

These workers had a lot of fun with their entitled roles as various spooky characters.

Raymond says, “This was definitely a fun job.”Dylan says, “The first time I walked through was in 2015 and I loved it. There were so many people that scared me. One scene was a doll scene and they were trying to cut up my brother and turn him into a doll. He was so scared. In my experience The Haunted Isle is the best haunted house in all of New England.” If you want to like to get cut up like Dylan’s brother, go to the Isle, or join! This haunted house is surely one of the best.