It is that time of year again; class advisors are collecting class dues. Many students are either unaware of this charge or chose not to pay them. However, paying class dues is important to the high school experience. The class dues go directly to each graduating class for different things at the end of their high school journey. Mrs. Danielle Picagli, co-advisor for the class of 2021, says, “Events and items such as homecoming, prom, senior class trip, senior luncheon, and yearbooks are all things that class dues go towards.” There are several finances that go into these events besides individual tickets that all come from the class dues: “There are many aspects of these events that many students don't think about when they buy a ticket. The main example is prom. At prom, not only does each person's admission need to be paid for, but we also have to pay for a dj, photo booth/photography, decorations, prom court crowns and sashes, dinner, etc.” says Picagli.

The dues for each class vary and are determined by the advisors and officers of each class individually. In addition, the deadlines each year for the dues to be paid also vary. Therefore, students only need to know the information for their class specifically.

Class of 2019: Seniors

According to Ms. Kahan, the class dues for the class of 2019 are $20 a year and $80 for all four years. Students of this class should hand in their dues as soon as possible.

Class of 2020: Juniors

According to Ms. Caturano, the class

dues for the class of 2020 are $20 freshmen and junior year. The students should have handed in their class dues by October 31, 2018. Those who did not hand in their class dues cannot go to prom or other functions.

Class of 2021: Sophomores

According to Mrs. Picagli, the class dues for the class of 2021 are $25 a year and $100 for all four years. Students should pay their class dues as soon as possible. If they do not hand in their dues then they can not participate in any of their senior activities.

Class of 2022: Freshman

As for the class of 2022, there are no class advisors or class officers yet, so there is no price of dues set. However, students should be attentive to pay them before the deadline when they get assigned.