The EHHS Color Guard: The team that marches to the beat of the marching band drum

The color guard is an underrated team here at EHHS. As a part of the marching band, the color guard performs alongside them as its theatrical counterpart. They wear costumes and dance with flags to the music of the band.

Although being a part of the band is not always something that gets recognized as much as it deserves to be, the members of the color guard train vigorously to complete their tedious dances. The team competes in numerous competitions throughout the season and has a competitive winter club known as the EHHS Winter Guard that competes as well.

Team member Amber Dayton has nothing but great things to say about the club and team. She said, “Color guard is unique because it isn’t a sport or the marching band, it is a combination of both that creates such a fun, unique team.” This seems like the perfect way to describe color guard: the sport that marches to the beat of its own drum.

Amber, who just completed her first season of color guard after joining last year's winter guard, described the color guard as, “A team made up of open-minded, artistic people. Once you join, you’re welcomed, accepted, and quickly grow a family-like bond with everyone.” The color guard has a very strong bond between all of its members and is always open to new students.

Although not technically a sport, color guard is an acquired skill that requires a lot of concentration and determination. The instructors and team members are patient, but professional and teach the skill quickly to all new members. Senior, Jose Rodriguez says, “It’s been an incredible experience that I would never give up or take back. I have met friends in guard that have changed my life and made it one of the best experiences of my life.”

The color guard has won many awards and competitions and excelled through to state and national competitions alongside the marching band. For example, this year they won Best Color Guard at the Fitch High School Competition in Groton, CT.

Winter guard, the indoor version of color guard goes along to recorded music rather than the band. It begins the first week of December, and the team encourages anyone interested to check it out!