Getting Ready For Homecoming

Photo Credit: Lauren Scoopo

Students at EHHS are getting ready for this homecoming dance. It will be held in the EHHS lobby on November 9th at 7:00 pm. The cost of a ticket is $20. Unlike many school events, such as sporting games, the homecoming dance gains the attention of and includes students from all grades and walks of life. For students, homecoming is a semi-formal event and they, more specifically the girls, enjoy the experience of buying new outfits and getting their hair done. “Homecoming is special because this is when students can take a break, have fun with friends, relax and not worry about other drama going on in the school,” says senior Lauren Scoopo. Every year for homecoming, the senior class officers are in charge of planning and setting up with tasks such as getting decorations and food donations. Senior class president Olivia DelBasso says, “This year's theme is the the Roaring 20’s, kind of like The Great Gatsby.” She also talks about the preparations for this years dance: “Mrs. Marsico and Mrs. Kahan [the senior class advisors] went ahead and bought all the decorations a few weeks ago. We’re going to set up everything right after school the day of homecoming.”

When asked about any improvements that can be made from last year's homecoming, students major concerns were the food and decorations: “A way to make homecoming better this year would be if they had more decorations and also more food,” says sophomore Isha Patel. DelBasso responded by saying, “Yes we have lots of food coming! We have the pizza all set from Capotorto's. We’re planning on calling other places to get stuffed bread, chicken fingers, and cupcakes; it's just a matter of calling some places and asking them to donate. This year's decorations include a homecoming banner, a nice backdrop to take photos on, some gold and silver stars, and tablecloths to match with the Roaring 20’s theme!” Overall, homecoming is one high school memory that many students tend to remember and hold onto long after high school is over.