The Hive is missing their buzz

With recent graduate Adam Perrotti passing down The Hive to EHHS’ class of 2019, there has been a decrease in school spirit and lack of students supporting one another during school events. So far, with the first quarter ending, there have been no pep rallies, no spirit weeks, and little support from students at sporting events, including football games.

The Hive is a group of dedicated students at EHHS who want to support our sports teams by attending games. This group is run by several seniors with its leader Dom Crisco and his man Christian (CC) Cunningham. As leaders of The Hive, their goal is, “to try to bring the community together by bringing student sections to the sports games and showing our support,” said Dom.

Being in charge of The Hive is a big responsibility. CC believes that there has not been much school spirit this year and he does not know why. He mentioned, “The school is at an unusual amount of school spirit and without spirit, there’s no Hive.” EHHS is missing school spirit and without that and support of the students, The Hive can not thrive.

One of the main issues that has been noticed is that there has been a very low attendance at the football games. The football team has had a very successful year, yet no one goes and cheers for them. In the past year, we have had many students fill the stands outside in the freezing cold to show their love for our team even if they were not the best, but students were still there for them. The one year the team is actually doing very well, they have little support from their fellow friends and students.

Adam Perrotti shaped The Hive the start of his freshman year: “The Hive was just some small thing with some of the senior class at the time running it. They then asked me to take over and gave me a hive leader shirt. Then from there I began really taking charge and getting running The Hive my sophomore year. After that everyone pretty much followed my lead and I stuck with it making a difference through my junior and senior year.” Adam was so dedicated to making his years at EHHS not only a place to learn, but a place to have fun and grow as a community together. Unfortunately, since he left, it seems like the school spirit left with him.

Photo credit: The EH Hive

Some ways that the school and The Hive can grow again and be stronger than ever is to get more people involved. There are many unrecognized clubs at EHHS that could be recognized. Also, future pep rallies can have more games that more people would want to participate in. If The Hive wants to grow as a community, it needs to involve everyone, not just people who favor sports.

As of right now, it is unknown what events are planned or will be planned for the rest of this year. When asked what functions will be happening, Dom did not comment, but CC wants at least two hives to attend sporting events for his final year.

Adam Perrotti mentioned that some of his best memories as an EHHS student were going to the games and being a part of a family that all supported one another, and hopes that students still at the school will be able to enjoy it as much as he did.