Old News

Many of the bulletin boards at EHHS have not been updated in almost two years. At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, there are club and class bulletin boards that have not been updated.

Class Boards

In the basement of the school outside the cafeteria, there are four bulletin boards that belong to each grade: seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen. These boards are supposed to give information to the members of each class about what is happening within their grade. The Class of 2019 board, whose members are now seniors, has been decorated with the word, “sophomores” for the past two years. Just last week, the class officers updated the board. President of the Class of 2019 Olivia Delbasso stated, “The last time we updated it I believe was sophomore year which clearly has been a while ago.” The class officers made the new board look great, and they made it very informational for the seniors' final school year at EHHS.

Meanwhile, the Class of 2020, whose members are now juniors, has not updated their bulletin board since their freshman year. One of the junior class officers, Alexis Pendziwater said, “I would like to update it.” Alexis is hopeful for the juniors to update their board for the other juniors.


At EHHS, we have so many clubs for students to be involved in. Some of those clubs do not have a bulletin board to add their information for students to see. Mr. Vaspasiano, who is the faculty advisor for Students Against Destructive Decisions Club, SADD, stated, “No, we do not have an assigned board. The board we used in the past is now being used by another organization.” With that being said, Mr. Vaspasiano and his SADD students have had to rely on social media and the announcements to get their news to students. SADD has a poster above Mr. Vaspasiano’s classroom, which is one way that the students can tell that the meetings take place there. The Yearbook Club ran by Mrs. Gardner and Mrs. Wright also have to depend on the school website and the announcements. Mrs. Wright said, “ At this time Yearbook does not have a bulletin board but we do put lots of our information up on the school website, https://sites.google.com/a/east-haven.k12.ct.us/ehhs/students/yearbook-information.” Therefore, yearbook club has some way of allowing the students to know what is going on with the yearbook itself and the club. The clubs that have a board and have not updated them in almost two years should give them to the clubs who actually want to participate in making a bulletin board.

After all, there are some bulletin boards that have still not been updated and there are some that have been updated. In the last couple of weeks, there are some boards that have been updated, be sure to go check it out!