Health Clinic at EHHS

Back in the fall of 2017, EHHS decided to introduce a health clinic into the building for students to have access to a nurse practitioner at school. It is run by the Fair Haven Community Health Center and provides students with more professional and efficient care at school. Most schools have health clinics like these within the reach of students so they don’t have to go out of their way for doctor’s appointments.

At the health clinic, students are able to receive help for any problem. If a student comes to school then falls ill throughout the day, they can go to the health clinic and receive results. For example, they can be prescribed antibiotics to cure their illness. They even offer pregnancy tests, STD tests, and other related services that are similar to services available at a pediatrician’s office.

Other services provided at the health clinic are diagnosis and treatment for illnesses or injuries, from a common cold to a rash. They can conduct physicals for check-up or sports purposes, manage chronic health conditions, administer immunizations, prescribe medication, and give over-the-counter medicine such as allergy relief or tylenol.

Jaynes Monge, the medical assistant and office manager at the clinic says, “It is basically an extra care facility to keep the students in school even when they are sick.” She explains further that it allows students to receive care at school so they don’t have to miss it. Monge’s job as the medical assistant and office manager of the clinic entails helping students register to the clinic, check in/out, and form appointments. She also checks the vital signs such as blood pressure and body temperature.

Monge says, “The clinic is always available, even if you just want to have a talk. We’re here to service [the students].” EHHS students should take advantage of the health clinic in their school.

Mary Lamberti is the nurse practitioner in the clinic and has a doctorate in nursing. She is able to help students with health concerns and give them the medical help they may need. Lamberti can prescribe medicine to students so they don’t have to miss school to go to a doctor’s appointment. She feels it is important to care for the body, mind, and spirit in order to be a healthy student, and wants to help it be achieved by all.

Lamberti says, “[It] is a safe place for them to come if they have questions or concerns about their health. Our services are private and confidential. It is important to maintain good health as a high school student to face the stresses of daily life.” Lamberti wants students to come to terms with their stress, and face it by having a healthy schedule and taking care of their bodies. The clinic is a great place for students to come when they need help, and it is important they see it as an option. You can receive more detailed information on the clinic and the services they offer by stopping by their office in the front of the history wing.