Graduation Requirements & Applying to College

In order to graduate from EHHS, students need 23 credits in total: 3 math credits, 3 science credits, 1 Stem credit, 4 english credits, 3 social studies credits, 1 art credit, .5 health credits, 1.5 P.E credit, and career/ life 2 credits and they need to pass capstone. Students also need twenty hours of community service. Students at EHHS spend much of their time focusing on academic performance because it has a major impact on choices for college. It is important that students devote themselves to learning with the same interest and dedication that their teachers devote to teaching. Faculty members at EHHS are eager to help students in every way possible, whether with extra help, advice, or with encouragement and support.

Photo Credit: Ms. Caturano

Guidance counselor Ms. DeRosa says, “The capstone is the most difficult to experience, it’s more independent for the student, but it depends on the of individuals type of learning.” She also gave advice to students to help keep them on task: “Choose classes wisely, it's important to push yourself, make sure to study have good time management also have good study skills. And if needed, always ask for extra help, that's what the teachers are here for.”

There is a partial list of opportunities of approved organizations where students can volunteer to get the required 20 hours of community service. The organization the students volunteer at have to be non-profit. This can include food banks, the East Haven Fall Festival, and animal rescue groups. It is crucial for students to get their 20 hours of community service done before senior year. This is because senior students find it more stressful to find the time during their final year because of all the other things they have going on, such as working, sports or preparing for college.

Applying to college can be tricky , and senior Juliana Coque shares some ways she's been preparing for college: “I've been reviewing my career plans, and I saved money from my summer job for college. I've listed my top colleges to see what would best fit for me, and I've been trying to stay on top of my school work.” Juliana also says how the counselors have been helping students apply to college with Common App and Naviance, which takes you step by step to applying to college. “Don't change to fit in, continue to be yourself and make sure to get all your graduation requirements done and stay on task so your senior year can fly by” says Jessica Martinez” for underclassmen. Graduating high school is a big accomplishment for everyone, and the faculty at EHHS wants their students to graduate and finish school strong.