EHHS Girls Soccer Belives & Achieves

Coach Jacob Hackett started coaching our East Haven girls soccer team two years ago. This 2018-2019 soccer season is off to a great start; they are now 2-3-2 so far. Hackett said, “Last year we only had one win so we already made more wins than last year’s season, the games that we tied are games that the next time we play, we could go on and win.” The girls soccer team will look to keep making improvements through this year’s season.

Coach Hackett

Before Coach Hackett joined the East Haven girls soccer team, he was head coach at Daniel Hand High School in Madison for the boys junior varsity soccer team and assistant coach for boys varsity. Also, he was the boys and girls goalkeeping coach at Daniel Hand and Lauralton Hall. Coach Hackett taught the girls soccer team a motto to live by every day: “Everyday we are here to get better, it is great that we worked hard yesterday but yesterday's hard work is not good enough today so we need to work harder everyday.” The seniors uphold his motto and motivate the rest of the team to follow it. Coach Hackett shares his thoughts about the seniors: “The senior leadership is very strong, from the three girls who are my captains, to all the seniors who are doing a great job leading this team right now.” He is very pleased with how the season is going and appreciates how the senior girls are handling this season. Coach Hackett tries to connect with all his players and said it is very much a team that works hard as a group.

Girls Soccer Team Players

Ali Szewc, the starting center back, is one of the three captains on the girls soccer team. Ali shared some of her thoughts about this year. “We are very young; we have four freshmen starting for us, but I love it. Last year, if we were losing late by two goals we would give up, but now we just keep playing determined to win” she said. Soccer has made a strong impact on Ali’s life: “I’ve been playing soccer since I was four years old, it’s been a huge impact. It’s been the best times where I am so happy playing it because we’re winning or also the worst of times like losing, but either way it's taught me so many life lessons. Ali considers the soccer team as “one big family.” Ali truly enjoys playing for the East Haven girls soccer team each year.

Gabriella Ojeda, who plays right back for the team, said, “I enjoy being with my friends and being around a team that makes you feel like your apart of a family. It feels wonderful being able to enjoy this season since I was injured last year and wasn’t able to play.” Soccer has greatly impacted Gabriella’s life: “It taught me how to work together as a team and that it’s okay to not always win as long as you keep fighting and try your best to get better.” Gabriella likes to be apart of the girls soccer team and being able to come back after sitting out for a year really taught her the ropes of being apart of not only a team but a family.

Coach Hackett is bringing new opportunities to the East Haven girls soccer team. At the time of this publication, they made it to the CIAC State Tournament for the first time since 2015! We as a community wish the girls soccer team good luck in their well-deserved endeavors!