The EHHS Pom Pom Team

The 2018 EHHS Pom Pom Team is coached by Megan Butler and Nikki Butler, and the captains this year are Gianna Gogliettino and Lauren Scoopo. A Pom Pom Team is a dance team, that may also be called a pom squad or song team, the team is usually made up of people that are interested in competitive dance. The Pom Pom Team at EHHS is a dance team that attends hockey games, home football games, and performs in competitions.

Photo Credit: Susan Scoopo

They go to the hockey every hockey game and cheer the boys on, they also take pictures of the players to make each of them a scrapbook at the end of the season. They dance at halftime during home football games and sit and watch the game for the rest of the time. They take part in the boys soccer senior night, by decorating there lockers, and walking them out to their parents. They also go to local and state competitions for pom and jazz. In these competitions, they can compete against up to nine other squads, and they are only given an award if they place within the top five. A competition usually lasts the whole day and can take place anywhere in CT. To get ready for competitions, they gather at one of the captains’ houses to do hair and makeup. During competitions they all get there own space to get ready and practice then stretch and have a warm up. They practice the dance fully before going on stage, then perform, after they perform they go back to there spot and get ready for awards.

Captain Gianna says, “This year we are going to do very well. We are understanding the dances better than last year and will be attending more than one competition. Our dances are coming along and we are very determined to do good, and as a senior captain I'm trying to do my best to make this year memorable and bring home a win.”

The Pom Pom season starts in the beginning of summer and goes to the end of February. They start off the season by having tryouts. They encourage girls to tryout by putting up flyers around the high school and middle school, as well as posting on their Twitter and Instagram page. After tryouts are over, they condition by having a 3 day camp in the summer for 6 hours each day. They have practices every Tuesday and Thursday from 6 to 8, at practice they stretch and then practice there dances so they are ready to perform. This year there are 15 girls on the team. The Pom Pom team looks for girls to join the team that have danced before and catch on to dance choreography and technique.

As captains of the team, Gianna and Lauren have a bigger role than other girls on the team. They run stretches before practices, help new girls, or even older girls, with anything they need help with, remind the girls about times for practices, games, or competitions, and they also create the tryout dance. The squad uses remixed songs to dance to based off of songs that relate to each other. For example, if they are doing a jazz dance, they dance to a song that is emotional, and for pom they make a remix of songs that are by the same artist.

Many students have heard of the Pom Pom Team and just know that they dance, but don't know what they really do. Many also may get the Pom Pom team confused with the Cheerleaders but they are two different teams that do two different things. Selena Defelice says, “ I have heard of the Pom Pom Team, they cheer for the hockey team and are good and cool.”

The Pom Pom Team does many fundraisers to earn money. With the money, they get things like bags, spirit wear and warm-up suits. They fundraise by doing a Yankee candle fundraiser, a car wash, a bucket shake at Stop and Shop, and a pancake breakfast at Eli’s on the Hill. To help the Pom Pom Team out, we can spread the word around so other teams can support each other.

You can see them in action by attending home football games or any hockey game in the upcoming season. You can also see updates on them by following them on Twitter @EHHSpompoms and Instagram @ehhspom.