The Next Male Cheerleader at EHHS

After getting cut last year, senior Zachary Danz made the EHHS cheerleading team for the 2018-2019 school year. Zach was a member of both the outdoor track team and marching band, but finally he decided he wanted to, “stand out.” Working hard for his dreams and passion throughout the end of the school year last year, Zach had friends teach him the basics of cheerleading. He learned how to tumble by taking as many classes he could find. Coaches and friends alike think Zach is a huge influence on others, and is truly making his mark on the school community.

Before joining the cheerleading team, Zach was a member of the marching band color guard and the track team. Although Zach enjoyed being a member of these teams, after a while he decided that it was time that he didn’t want to be in the norm of sports. After realizing how many scholarships are available to male cheerleaders, Zach decided to go out and make his stand. Zach says joining the team has changed him because, “I feel like I stand out more than before, obviously everyone has known who I am, but now they know me as the only male cheerleader. I definitely feel like I'm more of a statement.”

Zach talks more about why he decided to join the team: “I’ve always wanted to do it, but at first it was a joke. After I didn't make it I was kind of upset so I worked really hard to make it my senior year.” After being cut, he got back out there because he stated, “Honestly I just wanted to get back out there and show everyone up, show that I can make improvements.” His advice to people that have ever been cut from the team is, “It’s important to keep trying. Don’t give up because most likely if you try you'll get better. It's a matter of just working towards something you want or something that's your goal. But if you don't make it one year does not mean you won't necessarily make it the next year.“

Senior Lea MacDougall says, “I think having Zach joining the team will help show others not to be afraid to try out for a sport they are interested in.” Many teammates and the coaches think Zach brings off a great attitude and always makes practice fun and enjoyable. He also helps everyone try to do their best when needed. The whole team loves Zach and his personality. They’re blessed to spend everyday with him.

Coach Michelle says she hopes Zach inspires other male athletes. “Since day one Zach has been just another teammate, but I do hope that it helps give other male athletes the confidence for trying out for cheerleading if it is something they are interested in. I know Zach does a great job to promote that since he is a great athlete.”

The coaches are very glad to watch all that Zach will achieve this year and hope all students can come down and support him along with the rest of the EHHS Cheer Squad!