EHHS Awaits Reopening of Gallery 35

East Haven High School awaits the second opening of its art gallery, Gallery 35 on October 17, 2018. Introduced last year, Gallery 35 includes art submitted by EHHS student artists.

First introduced fall of last year, Gallery 35 exhibits all types of artwork submitted; from 3D art to visual art that will be displayed on a large screen to audio work, Gallery 35 has it

all. The gallery’s goal is to give the art community a place to come together and display their work. Matthew Stevens, director of Gallery 35 and teacher here at EHHS, says, “Art comes in all forms, and we try to accommodate the artists.” Multiple forms of art are displayed at the gallery, so fans of all types of art are encouraged to attend opening night.

The gallery’s opening will differ from last year and will include a special feature from artist Steven DiGiovanni, a painter from New Haven. Mr. Stevens hopes to have many more showings this year with an earlier opening this time around, instead of only four showings like last year. He is already planning ahead with intentions of having more smaller-scale group showings in the spring, as well as an art capstone showing in January, along with many more ideas.

The intentions for the gallery area not only to display artwork, but to also bring other bigger communities together. “I also encourage other faculty members to consider curating a show in the gallery. I would love another department to use the gallery to spotlight their program,” says Mr. Stevens.

Mr. Stevens welcomes anybody who is interested to become a part of the gallery or just simply attend the gallery. “I encourage students to get involved! Come see a show, introduce yourself to me, join Art Club! The opening for Steve DiGiovanni's show is Wednesday, October 17th at 5:30. Please join us and all are welcome.”