Introducing Jennifer Murrihy: EHHS New Assistant Superintendent

On July 23, 2018, East Haven Public Schools hired Jennifer Murrihy who is the assistant superintendent beside the current superintendent, Erica Forti. She is very excited for her first year. She says everyone has been very welcoming with open arms and she loves being a yellowjacket!

Being an assistant superintendent is not easy. They have a lot of work piled on them throughout each day. Ms. Murrihy makes decisions about district finances and purchases, creates and monitors the school district’s budget and approves all spending. She also decides what and how students will be learning, she works to develop curriculum and knowledge of instructional strategies. Finally, she has to work with the Board of Education to develop teaching strategies, what books and lessons that will be taught and used in the classroom.

It is a lot of hard work, but Ms. Murrihy seems like the perfect fit! When it comes to dealing with curriculum, Assistant Superintendent Murrihy has it in the bag. She said, “I try to get into as many classrooms as much as I can, so visiting and working with teams to plan for instruction, gathering information so we can find out what next steps we need to take. I still do a lot of teaching, writing, and planning, and communicating with groups in different ways. My job does require knowledge of a lot of different subjects so I have to read all the time!”

So far Ms. Murrihy loves EHHS. She is very interested in classroom lessons and students opinions, along with athletics and after school activities. “Athletic events are well attended, and I love hearing about some of the lessons teachers are planning that connects students to the real world. I would love to hear from more students about the kind of things they are interested in studying, especially related to technology.”


Ms. Murrihy has many different degrees from several schools. She has her Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Education with a concentration in Spanish. Along with her Masters in Arts Of Education from Saint Michael’s College. She also has Advanced Graduate Study credits from University Of New England in Curriculum and Instruction. And a 6th year certificate in Educational Leadership from Quinnipiac University. Murrihy also started attending the University of Hartford for her Doctorate. Ms. Murrihy decided that she wanted to become an assistant superintendent. However, she says, “I still see myself as a teacher, and I was always lucky to work with many leaders that took the time to understand teachers and get to know students. From these role models, I decided working to connect ideas across disciplines K-12 was really exciting and I guess that's when I decided to pursue this type of roll.”


Ms. Murrihy has many goals for East Haven Public schools. That she thinks will make us a good overall community. “We have a lot of amazing potential here, and my job is to help people work to their strengths, help teachers to build curriculum that helps students understand the world and promote perseverance.”Mrs. Murrihy is very intrigued with studies that help people in the real world. She says, “As a working mom, I also know that I want to make sure to get feedback from community members and families about their ideas to make our district better and support all students.” Her persistence in finding out interests in the people's opinion and how they feel about her idea is very important, so that she can do something that not only is good for schools but something that the parents also agree with.

For some goals she has to make our school a better place she states, “In my first few months, I have the goal of building relationships and getting to know the district and find out what the teachers and families need, and what the students like about their classes, and what they wish they had more of. Along the way, I will focus my attention on supporting students and teachers, making sure everyone has what they need to learn through real-world situations and have opportunities to read, research, and share ideas throughout debate, discussion and writing.”

Ms. Murrihy would love to meet all of you and get to know all of you. Go down to her office, introduce yourself to her and tell her your opinions. She is interested to know what students think of the school and curriculums.

Wish her the best of luck as she jumps into a new step of her life in which she will do great in!