EHHS Welcomes New Math Teacher Ms. Martindale

East Haven High School welcomes new math teacher, April Martindale from Joseph Melillo Middle School.


Ms. Martindale is an East Haven High School alumna, who got her bachelor and masters at Southern Connecticut State University. She was at the middle school for twenty-one years and she wanted, “something new.” She likes EHHS because she knows some of her students already from her teaching them in the middle school.

Why did she move?

She came up to the high school because she was looking for more of a “challenge.” Also, the middle school has changed a lot over the years. “The middle school changed a lot. They were treating the kids more like elementary school then a junior high,” Ms. Martindale mentioned. Also, EHHS has many more choices then the middle school did.


Ms. Martindale is teaching Geometry Level 1, Algebra 2 Level 2, and Advanced Algebra. Her biggest struggle is just remembering the content she has to teach. She is excited to meet new students and teach at East Haven High School. Bella Monico, a student in her Algebra 2 Level 2 says, “She’s more about the students then herself, she really focuses on the individuality of each student.” When she focuses on the student it makes them feel more comfortable in her class.