Beyond the Wrestling Mat

EHHS’s wrestling team is a force to be reckoned with. Founded in the late ‘80s, the EHHS wrestling team has continued to maintain a good status. They are currently determined to make it to the top ten teams in the state of CT this season.

East Haven is a very sports-driven town. Our high school wrestling team is made up of and coached by the most dedicated, passionate coaches, boys, and girls. Not only does the team defy gender norms by having wrestler Victoria Wallace going into her third year, but it also has coach Rivellini and coach Mark Tolla, who have been wrestling coaches for 20 combined years.

In preparation for the new season, the wrestling team is going harder than ever before. In addition to the daily conditioning that intensifies overtime, the team has a secret weapon, a division one wrestling coach that will be hosting sessions every Tuesday and Thursday until the season begins.

Wrestling is about passion and drive, and after interviewing varsity wrestler Danny Jarrin, the love for the sport and all of its members became very obvious. When asked what kept Jarrin wrestling every year of high school, he responded, after a slight pause, “Tolla, the way he motivates me. And the feeling of gratitude when you win, not for you, but for the team”.

The EHHS wrestling team is starting off with an extremely strong team this year. There are about a half dozen incoming freshman who look promising and are not as pressured as most years. Coach Tolla informed us that in past years the new members on the team have to be starters in the matches, but this year the returning members are so strong that there will be no new starters. Some of these members include Senior Joshua Rao (captain), Victor Garcia, and the “three Divito’s”.

Assistant coach, Mrs. Picagli, gave the inside scoop on the events that the student body and town can participate to support the team. In November, there will be a bucket shake at Stop & Shop and a cow plop (which is as gross and hilarious as it sounds), both of which are fundraisers that help the team with buying new warm-ups, food for the team at meets, and the previously mentioned new trainer.

Support this fantastic team on Saturday, January 5th, as they host their first meet!