School Store or Teacher Café

At EHHS there is a school store that never opens. In the beginning of the 2018- 2019 school year, the company that owns the merchandise in the store is no longer going to be running the store.

The company no longer has the staff to allow the store to open or enough merchandise to sell at EHHS. In the last couple of months, there has been different people in the store trying to keep it alive; however, what can be done with the space? According to senior Alannah Doheny, “The school store needs to remain a store for students, and they need to add stuff to it because right now it is just there.” In some cases, the store was not doing so well.

The school store was only open during after school hours which did not give the students much time to shop. If the store was opening during events it would give the parents and family members time to shop as well. With all that being said, the administration is going to search for some new ideas to proceed in the school store space. The school store space can be used for many different things. Mrs. Harkins stated, “We are exploring lots of different options for the school store space, like possibly a café for staff members. Another option could be selling spirit wear from another source, and it could be something for all the staff and students.” They are hoping to find something new for the space soon and to get things moving along.

The administration is open to new ideas for the school store space, and they are looking forward to turning the space into something useful for the entire EHHS community. Students are not interested in the idea of a teacher cafe; however, they are open to any other ideas.