Locked Bathrooms Cause Frustration in EHHS

Students here at EHHS endure the bathrooms being locked during passing time are causing some complications. Our students are frustrated that they keep missing class time when they were not present when they were wasting time trying to find an open bathroom. This could be prevented if students could go before class starts. I am an advocate to the bathrooms staying unlocked for it will cause less problems for the students who are affected most by this new policy. The reasoning behind the locks may be reasonable but it is causing more annoyance rather than solving them.

Students such as Dezirae Jones, oppose of the new approach. “I feel like it's a really [vapid] rule, what if you have to use the bathroom? What if it’s an emergency? And what if you’re late to class?” I agree. We shouldn’t have to hold it in! That could potentially cause a health problem, digestive and urinary health issues that can lead to a tract infection. Another one of our EHHS students, Santos Muniz, disputes of the system too. “I feel like it's [nonsensical] because the teachers expect you to be ready for class and use the bathrooms before class but you can't if its closed.” I agree with Santos because how can we use the bathrooms before class and be ready if they’re closed? Some teachers expect more than we can give. One of the EHHS security guards, Rick Sanzo, also discourses the situation. “They are locked during passing time because they do not want students hanging around in the bathrooms and because it is a safety issue.” I feel as if there are other safety issues that we should focus more on rather than who’s in the bathroom.

Dean of students, Mr. Hughes, addresses the problem, as well as breaking it down. “We found a lot of students were going in there to hang out during passing, at times there were a lot of E-cigarette and Juul use, and a lot of students were getting to class late from stopping in the bathroom in between classes.”

It’s possible to vape in other parts of the building, Why aren’t those parts locked? Students make their own decisions, and if they choose to be late, that’s their decision. After asking Hughes if this policy is to be permanent or temporary I have learned that it might not even be long term, depending on how it goes. “We haven't decided yet, we’re going to see how it goes, feel out the climate of the school. We are piloting the plan.”