HOSA Posters All Over East Haven High School

Since school has started, it is likely that students have seen various posters for the organization, HOSA. The student-led organization is looking to get more students into the program. However, it is likely students have not been able to read over the posters with the constant commotions in the hallway.

HOSA, also known as Health Occupations Students of America, is an organization for students who want to pursue a career in the medical field. It gives students the opportunity to make friends around the world, travel across the United States, earn scholarships, and more.

Ms. Martin, the HOSA teacher here at East Haven High School, answered some questions about the organization. She has been teaching HOSA for 2 years now, and her hard work to get the job has started to pay off. When asked about why she started teaching HOSA she said, “I’ve wanted to be a health careers teacher for many years. So I’ve been working and working and working to get there.”

The wait to teach HOSA was long for Ms. Martin. Along with all of her work, she had to prepare just to be able to teach in the program. “I’ve been working with Ms. Tipping for several years to prepare for this” said Ms. Martin. “HOSA kind of came with the territory.”

However, like HOSA representatives has said, it is student-led and focuses more on the members. They give plenty of benefits to students. This includes learning experiences such as conferences, after school meetings, and guidance from health professionals. These experiences help students in their future. HOSA looks good when planning the future. Whether it be for a resume or just applying to a college, seeing HOSA will give the right impression to colleges, bosses, or whomever. Other benefits for students are plentiful. For example, the HOSA program is tied with many health based corporations according to their website. This includes: CVS Health, U.S Public Health Service, the University of South Carolina, and more (full list available at www.hosa.org/node/461). Also, HOSA Officers (which are voted completely by students) gets a trip to Washington D.C. along with fellow officers.

-The HOSA trophy case outside of Ms. Martin’s room (E312). These showcase their awards from various conferences and competitions.

Not only does HOSA offer various benefits, it offers a unique experience for students. Ms. Martin said among her favorite experiences so far was a visit to Disney for an international conference. “I went to disney two years ago for the international HOSA conference and that was just amazing. They [HOSA] put on quite a show. It was just an amazing experience for the students. They seemed to have thrived,” said Martin. These experiences are huge to students, and these conferences help them grow their skills. Among these skills, Ms. Martin has said that she has seen her students grow in a variety of areas. Some examples she gave were students learning to capitalize on opportunities, becoming more organized and engaged, professional, and ready to take on whatever they might face in their careers. Ms. Martin has learned how to get to her students through the HOSA experience. In fact, Ms. Martin said “Knowing I could do blood drives and offer those type of experiences for the students exclusively helps me get to them and help them become better.”

Ms. Martin and her team are constantly accepting new members that are interested. To our readers who are not sure about joining, it is encouraged that you try to go to a meeting.“It really can’t hurt, and it looks good on a resume,” said Ms. Martin. Although their first meeting has already passed, the program at EHHS is still willing to take in students. See Ms. Martin, she is located in E312 in the math wing upstairs. The HOSA group at East Haven also has a twitter, which is @EASTHAVENHOSA.