School Lunch: Mold Or Gold

Beginning in September of 2018, the East Haven Board of Education hired a new cafeteria company for the East Haven Public Schools following parents’ complaints over the last several years. They hired the company, Taste 4 by Sodexo, to be East Haven Public School’s new cafeteria and food company.

Linda Stanisci, who has been working as the new Food Service Director for the Board of Education in East Haven for two months now says this about the company, “I like their core values. I truly believe that anybody who’s in the food service business should care deeply about food, students and nutrition. And I feel like Sodexo truly cares about [that].”

Stanisci creates the menus, does nutrition analysis, complies with health regulations, makes sure all the food is prepared correctly, and fixes it if it isn’t. She works very hard to make sure that all students are happy with the quality and variety of the food served to them.

The company and the cafeteria staff alike care deeply about how much work they put into the food given to students. For example, the company makes sure to deliver fresh bread every day in order to ensure it is good quality. The staff also comes into work at 6:30 every morning to get started on the day. A daily schedule for the cafeteria staff requires a lot hard work from the minute they enter this building until the minute they leave. They have to prepare both breakfast and lunch foods everyday for students, which takes a lot of time considering we have 905 students in this school.

The lunch options for students include, chicken tenders, chicken patties, or cheeseburgers with fries. They also have a lot of different choices when it comes to the deli section. Students can pick how they want their sandwiches made, which is a lovely touch. They also have a new ‘adventure’ dish every day, some previous dishes that were served were a Korean BBQ Roll, a Roasted Turkey Gyro, and a Pulled Chipotle Cinnamon BBQ Roll.

The breakfast options for students include assorted muffins, cereal, and fresh fruit. They also have hot breakfast sandwiches prepared with sausage, bacon, and eggs with cheese. The daily specials include pancakes and waffles.

Isabella Martin, one of the school’s cafeteria staff worker says, “My wish is that more kids would come to eat breakfast and lunch!”

The cafeteria staff encourages students to come and try their new breakfast and lunch.