MISSING: Have you seen these two lockers?

Have you noticed the gaping hole at the end of the science wing? For more than six years, a large hole has resided in place of what was once the home of two lockers. After much anticipation, the two lockers were finally returned to the end of the west science wing on Monday, September 17, 2018. So, that leads to the obvious question: where were these lockers and why were they gone for so long?

According to EHHS Principal Mr. DeNuzzo, “The reason for removal was that they were a potential safety hazard.” The lockers had sharp, jagged edges that could cause injury to students and staff passing by. The lockers were then discarded, and a gaping hole was left in their place. Over the years, students have used the hole as a blank canvas to graffiti with various swear words and inappropriate sayings. Mr. DeNuzzo said that covering the hole with graffiti was, “part of what’s on the radar.” Possible fixes were putting a matching filler or sheet metal over it, or putting two new lockers back in, which was his preference. However, it was not his number one priority at the time. He explained that there is a new property management company that does monthly walks around the building; together, DeNuzzo and the company determine what the most pressing issues are. “Anytime there’s a damaged piece of the physical [building] that doesn’t function, it bothers me,” confessed DeNuzzo. He does not want visitors to perceive the facility as not being properly maintained, because he wants to show “pride in our appearance.”

Mrs. Ruggiero, whose classroom was directly across from the hole in the science wing, expressed, “It looks trashy; people keep writing mean stuff,” while referring to the graffiti inside. “People might think we don’t care about the building,” she said. However, it didn’t bother her too much that her classroom was across from the hole.

On Monday, September 17, 2018, the two missing lockers were restored with replacement lockers the maintenance company had in storage. Mr. DeNuzzo led the initiative to fix them because he claims, “It was an eyesore.” Also, my investigation drew his attention to the issue, prompting him to fix it. Although the new lockers are a different shade of purple, in the words of Mr. DeNuzzo, they’re “better than a hole!”