EHHS Welcomes New Choir Teacher Mr. Griffin

Sean Griffin, the new choir teacher and drama club music director, starts at East Haven High School on Friday September 21st, hoping to bring fresh and new ideas to the choir class and music program.

With the new year starting here at EHHS, students and administrators are welcoming Mr. Griffin and are excited for his arrival. He came from Beaker Road Elementary School as a full time general music teacher and is thrilled to be the newest member of the music program and to teach choir at EHHS.

He is an alumnus from East Haven High and went to Western CT State University with a bachelor's degree in music education with an emphasis in percussion. Mr. Griffin is glad he is able to teach music where he originally fell in love with it. “When I came here and I started marching band with the original director, that sparked an interest for me to teach music for the rest of my life,” Griffin said when speaking his passion of wanting to become a music teacher.

Mr. Griffin in the choir room getting ready for his first day.

Mr. Griffin already participates in the East Haven Marching Band as the pit instructor. He also was very active in the drama club being the percussionist for the front ensemble. He is overall already very involved with our music program and drama department and is excited to see it continue to grow.

“I think I change it everyday since I already work for the music program through the marching band and I just have a great outlook and high energy which really just transfers and oozes into my students,” he mentioned.

Students who participate in choir are also excited to see what Mr. Griffin will bring to the choir class. Senior Alfonzie Brooks has been in choir for three years is excited to meet him. “I don’t know him and I like meeting new people so I’m excited to see what his teaching style is. Since everyone is different I want to see how he works musically,” Brooks said. He also is hoping that Mr. Griffin with bring people to participate more in class.

When talking about what we are going to see from the choir in the future, Mr. Griffin made it clear that he wanted to accomplish: “Some things that they’ve never done before, and things to get the audience as well as the performers inspired and engaged.” Mr. Griffin is very passionate about everyone being involved and participating and is excited to see what each individual will bring to the group.

“I’d like to see what songs he’s going to choose for us, and how he’s going to go about teaching them,” Megan Povilaitis, a freshman at East Haven High mentioned when describing what she wants to see from the choir class. The choir students mostly are interested in the technique style that Mr. Griffin will be conveying to them.

Mr. Laudano who teaches marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, beginner and intermediate piano, beginner guitar, and history of rock and roll is also thrilled to see what Mr. Griffin is going to bring to the music program. “I think he is going to do a great job with our choir program and working with our musicals. He is already a member of our marching band staff so he knows the students. He is going to be a great fit,” Mr. Laudano said.

Mr. Griffin is excited to meet his students when he comes in for his official first day on September 21st and be able to show off his piano skills and positive personality!