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Violence in the Media Capstone

Dear Editor,

It is a fact that 70% of young teens who listen to rap music are more likely to abuse drugs and perform acts of violence. Violence in the media can potentially cause more aggressive behavior in the long run. Anyone of any age should be mindful of the content they are consuming via the media. Through further research, I have found that music has a positive correlation with one's mood. For example, many people listen to classical music or peaceful music as means to relax. However, rap music is particularly vulgar with inappropriate references to drugs, violence, and sex. Not everyone who listens to rap music will be aggressive after and feel the need to be violent. Everyone is brought up in different environments and some people have more aggressive tendencies than others. There are different factors that contribute to violence, including: environment, psychological reasons, and how one is feeling. Those who come from poorer high crime rate areas may believe the lyrics in rap music are okay and normal. Many rappers have been convicted of crimes involving violence and drug abuse and that is the message they are sending to their viewers. However, the younger mind is still developing and does not know right from wrong. They may follow the wrong path without being aware of the consequences behind the message in rap lyrics. It is not only the rap lyrics that are violent, music videos today have become more explicit. Rappers are displayed to look cool and bad. They are shown abusing drugs and waving guns around or shooting at others. In today's society, the answer to problems is shooting the enemy which is why gun violence is on the rise. Subliminal gang messages have also became a part of rap music videos. Rappers are shown wearing certain colors and making gestures. Lastly, children are especially vulnerable to violence in the media because Youtube and music is accessible for everyone. Many videos have no parental warning and children are watching inappropriate content. For a change in society, parents should be involved with what their children are watching and listening to. It may not combat the problem completely, but the rates of violence in teens will have a dramatic change. For more information on violence in music, follow my instagram account @media.violence.

-Michelle Porazzo