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Violence in Media

Dear Comet,

My final project consisted of discovering the truth behind violence in music in the media. While researching and collecting data I have learned that violence in the media is more common than most people may think. I focussed on five current rap songs: Bad and Boujee, No Frauds, Bounce Back, Tunnel Vision, and Mask Off. As resources I used youtube videos and lyrics of these songs to better understand how society has become accustomed to violence in media. Personally, I see violence multiple times a day through different media sites. Violet graphics are shown, such as guns, explosions, drugs, verbal and physical violence, etc.

After watching each music video data was recorded, revealing the truth of how violence in media is becoming more common. Less concern is being raised about this, which must change. Bad and Boujee shows/mentions guns six times within the video. Drugs are shown/mentioned in four out of five of the songs, at least twice. The average of male threatening between the songs was six times. This data proves that as companies allow this to be shown to people of all ages, it becomes more accepted as being normal in our society, as no one raises the issue that this is doing no good for anyone.

While researching, I found that many people, especially kids look up to the people they watch online. These kids aspire to be like their idols, which can be dangerous. In some cases, kids will act out violently after watching someone be aggressive through media, thinking it is acceptable behavior. Another negative aspect of violence in media is that it can cause people to be less sensitive to others. It is proven that other kids actually fear going into a world which they believe to be scary; a place they might get hurt. No one should feel anxious about going out into the world, as it is supposed to be a safe place.

My final project has opened my eyes to the real issue of violence in the media, which people of all ages can access. What people see online heavily influences their behavior and decisions. Violence in media makes it appear like it is normal and acceptable to threaten, kill, flaunt weapons, promote drug usage, etc. I have realized that the rappers who create their music by talking about these topics do not promote any positive or meaningful messages, while at the same time teaching listeners and fans that doing the wrong thing is okay. Violence in music in the media must stop, as our society does not benefit positively from it at all. Together we should make this change to install the right messages into music in the media.


Thomas Latham