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Stereotypes and Violence in Movies

Today I am writing you to show you the impact what I have researched. What I have found in my research is very interesting. What I have researched is how violence in movies affects society and stereotypes and the people watching them. I watched several movies including deadpool, captain america civil war, and suicide squad, the top 3 comic movies from 2016. I saw the impact that these stereotypes have brought to everyday people. They have shown many examples and reasons on why people are affected in everyday life from violence in media. For example every female character used weapons and were weak and scandalous, like the stereotype girls are weak. I found that most of the men had many superpowers but for the most part they were very strong. This correlates to society and stereotypes that guys are strong and girls are weak. There are many social implications within all of these movies. There are reasons why they make certain fight scenes and why they give certain characters looks and powers. The girls look sexual and the guys are attractive. I believe the movies used violence to show power, that the most violent person or strongest is the most powerful. I think we should vote on the movies violence before its published or before its rated. This would show the people that the violence is movies is all for show and entertainment, and violence cant solve your problems or be a a solution to anything. Thank you,

Jordan Aceto