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Racism in the Media

Racism In The Media

A public announcement to all of the citizens in the world mainly the media producers and the the audiences. Racism keep coming back into our lives and we need to shut it down, not for a month, not for a year, but forever. Racism is everywhere and it's hard to get rid of but by everyone coming together we can do this, and yes many people have different opinions on the topic but together we can change that but in order to do so we all need to get on the same page. In music videos racism occurs in a heavy variety almost like the singers as producers dont was us to live it down what had occurred almost two hundred years ago. The problem with this is though we try and forget it by everyone keep showing and promoting on how racism occured we will never be able to forget it and move on. These vevo music video keep promoting on how racism used to be and how it continues to be, they teach young kids and teenagers about racism over two hundred years ago what's the point of that why not teach them about something relevant like doing good in school, obeying your parents something of that nature to show that teaching young kids positive thoughts will confront to a positive meaning in life. When these videos are teaching kids about racism it will remind them of what used to be and not now, let's promote the future what's ahead of us to come not the past. Racism just doesn't occur in in music videos in our everyday life we see it on the streets in our households, and in our very schools, think positive and everything you have to say think before you say it because what you say can easily translate back into another household. Racism will be hard to stop but we can definitely get it done we have to think positive, stop porting what we had done and mostly stop reliving the past.

-Joey Pappacoda