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Race In the Film Industry

An announcement for every citizen of the United States. The film industry isn't as great as you thought it was. The racism in the film industry is so common that it slips right past us. Subconsciously the media is making people racist especially through film. Having a child sit down and watch a movie about white men stealing black men and stealing their bodies for their own use is not a great idea for their brains development. They will think different about one another's race, whether the child is black or white, this is racism in the first stage. We need to stop the this, we need to remove the racism movies and live in a happier, more accepting world. It would be a much better society for our children to grow up in and go on to live very happy lives, loving everybody. The film industry will try to stop this and say that it's their right to create whatever they want in film, but this is just outright wrong and cannot continue to happen in our society today. For our children to make decisions on who they like depending on how their race acts in movies, the films are truly not what's going to help us grow has a community.

-Connor Gontarz