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Letter: Violence in the Media

Dear Comet Readers,

My name is Spencer Goldberg and I am a senior here at East Haven High School. My capstone project is based on violence in the media and after my extensive research, I feel inclined to share my findings. For my project I had to watch six episodes of “Narcos” on Netflix and use a chart to measure the amount of violence taking place. I’m sure most of the school has watched or seen it floating around the internet. This “informative” television series does more harm than good. Firstly, they glorify drugs and weapons throughout the series. Also, The percentage if violence committed by men versus women is a little ridiculous. Both of these portrayals harshly affect the minds of impressionable fans who watch every week.

The glorification of drugs has two aspects to it that can damage any fragile mindset. Firstly, the idea that selling drugs is a quick and easy gig is not a good message to show to the younger generation. They believe that a minimum wage part-time job is not worth their time because they have already seen the lack of work that Pablo Escobar is doing and earning more than entire family trees. Another aspect of drugs is the abuse. On multiple occasions in the show, characters would inhale drugs and not be affected by them. This gives a false reality and influences kids to try narcotics. Also, the way weapons are used in the show are to get what you want. If a character faced any conflict, it was more than likely solved with a firearm. This encourages the younger audience to solve their problems with violence.

In conclusion, “Narcos” is a bad influence on the younger generation due to its glorification of weapons and drugs. Children and teenagers are very impressionable and influenced. Please follow my social medias on Twitter and Instagram.


Spencer Goldberg