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Letter to the Editor: Violence in Video Games

My project for capstone was to research media and document my findings. The topic I chose was Violence in video games which actually happens to be a very controversial topic. In my research I have discovered that there are two spectrums to the thinking of the effects of violent video games. Some people believe that it makes people more violent, and decreases the empathy that one has and creates a false sense of reality, making someone feel that what they do (for example, shoot someone), is not as big a deal as it actually is. This can lead people to believing acts of hatred are not that big of a deal, so they may commit them without even thinking of the consequences and punishments of doing so. Although on the other side of things some people believe that playing this video games actually reduces stress, anger, and aggressiveness in people because it gives them a place to release their emotions and it allows them to do things in a virtual reality that they couldn't do in real life. I am on the fence with these two believings. I have played violent video games, and I have not noticed a change in my attitude or demeanor. They are fun to play to release stress or just to kill time when you are bored. However I believe that kids should be educated on the topic and should learn that committing violent acts have consequences. These ideas should be reinforced into kids minds so they understand to leave these emotions with the games and not bring it into reality. Maybe an understanding of media class should be added into our schools.

Sincerely, Salvatore Buffone