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Letter to the Editor: Asians in Movies

Dear Ms. Caturano,

While working on our Capstone Project our group decided that we want our project to be known in the Comet. Our project is about Asians in movies, and the fact how there is no asian representation within western media. We analyzed the top 5 grossing movies of 2017 and you may find that our results to be rather interesting. You would think that since it is 2017-2018 there would be more representation of all races like in movies Get Out and Coco. Instead from what we found there was little to none asian representation from the top 5 grossing movies. The purpose of this letter was to help you understand why this may be a problem within the asian community, but ultimately with the spot on the comet would help get this message across to everyone in the school.

Thank You,

Justin Fonacier & James Lyons