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Gender Stereotypes in the Medium

Dear Editor,

My name is Kaylee Roberts, I am a senior at East Haven High School. For my capstone presentation I am presenting gender , specifically women and how they are stereotyped to not always always have a strong voice in Media. So I did my research in the entertainment industry with the show Shameless.

The show provides a good example of women actually having some screen time with important speaking roles. this is a positive outlook on women gaining the important part of Media to have a strong speaking voice in this upcoming generation of new minds and technology. To have more people voice their opinions , I created a petition to have More entertainment businesses open up the idea to have young women gettin more important parts with speaking roles to show young women that men arnt the only ones who voices matter.

https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=105826380314800&id=100026623148476 . Hopefully this will spread the word so others women have more chances to voice their opinion as well.


Kaylee Roberts