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Unfair Gender Roles In The Gaming Industry

I believe the world should know what the gaming industry is selling for games toward the audience. It's a big world issue because there's less female player (which gender you can play) in video games. The gaming industry is demonstrating their tactics from 2007 that shows females in dismissal distress, seduction, and not very heroic/brave. It is an issue because male will think women are useless, so when they see gaming that has a female protagonist, the male gamers will not have any purpose. Meaning male gamers will feel they can't rescue the princess because they can handle themselves. It can lead to criticizing women role in the world when playing games because women will be playing a game for fun and the guys will discriminate her by saying "weak" and "you're just a princess." In my research, I found that at least years 2007 - 2015 were female in distress, and my chart concludes that there's no female in shooting games like "Titanfall 2" and "Halo: reached." By my own experience, I been hearing male comment women as useless and can't handle themselves. It can harm both female and male, and I'm trying to make a difference. It's an example from my conclusion on this gender role. Using the Qualitative and Quantitative chart and applying my scenarios of what man scream and women scream. Another thing man who made a mistake and women made a mistake. Which shows women have less responsibility, characterless brave in the video game which man is big and strong. It impacts the society because during my research it shows me how the gaming industry has changed. The beginning of 2007-2014 it shows women are the princess being captured by the evil villain which the male hero has to save her and another reason there's not a lot of women character in war games such like "Halo: Reach," "Titanfall 2," and "Assassin Creed II." It demonstrated less female are introduced, less female is heroic, less feminine taking responsibility, and less female talking. This impacted male because they will always think of female weak, can't do anything, and very seductive. It’s a rare thing to see a female protagonist in video games; then when a gamer sits down to play the game, it will be different because males are usually the main characters/heroes. It makes male be diminished because they are supposed to save the girl without that males are confused about what they are, and gaming industry is controlling gender. It impacted female because they will feel useless, damsel distress, and seductive. But through years 2015-2017 the gaming industry has change showing women are empowered, secure, and taking responsibility. Like the game "Life Is Strange" and "Nier: Automata" which represents female are the main protagonist of the game. It shows results of more check marks female introduced, more female talking, more female fully clothed, more female violence, and more female speaking. Join us for making a difference in the gaming industry and start to change the world perspective on gender in video games. Sign my petition on change.org which I will provide the website: https://www.change.org/p/david-adaos-we-need-more-female-players-in-video-games. A lot of gathering of people can make a huge difference in society, and we can act on it now.


David Adaos.