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Letter to the Editor: Race in Top Grossing Movies

Dear East Haven Comet,

For our capstone at East Haven High School my partner and I studied race in the top grossing movies throughout the years. We wanted to bring societies attention the lack of diversity and minority groups in movies could negatively affect how today’s general population can think about our modern society. As it’s displayed in movies, caucasian’s are not only the majority of the cast, but they also tend to have most of the main roles. It is important that people understand and are aware of the controversy and issues that this could potentially cause. In these movies we started seeing a pattern, the only other race shown in these movies were African Americans except in Rogue One. Each movie barely a handful of main characters that were a different race than caucasian. Although they were main characters, they didn’t play as big of a part as caucasians in the movie. Seeing the majority of characters as caucasians is so entrenched in our minds that most of the time, usually only a little amount of people or even none at all notice it. If you look at the situation from a minority’s parent’s point of view, you’d probably be much more offended and find this to be an even bigger problem than it already is. Imagine your child wanting to be in the movie industry when they grow up and knowing that they think they’ll never make it because of the lack of minorities in movies. We wanted to reach out to you to help us bring this to society's perspective because you won’t realize how much movies lack this diversity and how much of an impact it will most likely have if this still continues.


Stephanie Hribko and Tai Trinh